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Genius Projects

In today’s world, fourteen years into the twenty-first century, kids outside of school create their own videos and Facebook pages; they connect in real time with their friends and family. They are connected. Even kids in our area are connected, or they find someone who is. They plan meetings, gather together, and connect. They “google” what they don’t know. They are always engaged.

So, two clear questions arise: 

  1. Are they connected in ways that serve their futures?
  2. Are they engaged learners when in traditional classrooms?

Considering those questions, what do we as teachers need to do to create classrooms that engage learners and model positive online connectedness (often called Digital Citizenship)?

Links to resources and connections to Common Core State Standards are provided.

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Digital Literacy 4 Us (Click Title to Download)
Why we need the infrastructure for Digital Literacy for all students. See text: Digital literacy - today and onward.

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Digital Literacy 4 Us by Sheri Edwards is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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Writing Collaborative Learning
First Draft for revising my curriculum to include the four frames of writing as the focus of writing instruction. The writing process and six traits will complement the frames.

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