Gone Google

Nespelem School District is going Google...

In 2009, our school district needed to cut the budget; we were paying a lot of money for a clunky website and email. It was not easy to modify and personalize, yet the cost was high.

After research, we discovered Google Apps for Education (GAFE). I began using Google with my students, and we began a transition to Google Apps. Our students enjoy the collaboration and access -- anywhere a computer is connected, students have access to their work.

The Technology Committee conducts its meetings online through Google Docs editing and and discussion.

To ease transition for staff, I developed a course, website, and assistance to introduce staff to Mail. Calendar, and Blogs.

Links to our journey are at right, created by me to bring us into the GAFE world.

Please contact me for information. Ms Edwards

Google Education Group Washington Google Plus

Model Lesson 1 Inquiry / Collaboration

Model Lesson 2 Writing / Collaboration

Example: Veterans Project

On Collaborative Projects

Google Notes / Back Channel

Introduction to GAFE information (2009 - 2010)

Our Google Journey

Mail, Calendar, Blog Course

An Introduction to NSD Google Apps 2011 Site/Course for Staff