Why Google

Why Google?-- Back in 2011

Google Apps in Education offered the services we needed for our staff: web sites, email, online collaboration with google docs -- all free for education. We were able to create a public presence about the school for the community and a private community for students. The only cost is for Postini security backup for email as required by law; schools receive a 66% discount, but it is still expensive. However, that archiving price must be paid for no matter what system we use. The low maintenance, free services offered by Google help us create a collaborative community for the school and our school community. Thank you, Google!

These links helped our school learn more about Google Apps in Education-- some are no longer working.

From Google:

Basic information

16 minute video by Jill Galloway


Security and Privacy Overview

Google Apps Security Philosophy

Education Users

Google Online Training and Groups:

Training Courses

Google Apps User Group by Eric Curts

Other Training:

from CUE

Sheri's Diigo Google Help Bookmarks:

Diigo Bookmarks for Google Help

From Kathy Schrok

Chromebooks in Schools

Google and Blooms

Google Apps Blog with information

A Teacher Google Site with Google Info

by Karen McMillan

Why Google?

For the most accurate and current information, try these resources: